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M&M’s mascots have new upgraded looks


Hominified candy mascots undergo a makeover process as well as the logo. The most remarkable change is the new shoes for all of the six characters. Green has her high-heeled boots replaced with sneakers. Brown now is self confidently wearing casuals. Red and Yellow’s now have laced boots. Orange, instead, has no laces. Blue’s shoes are what as described by Anton Vincent, president of Mars Wrigley North America, a bad version of Uggs.

The owner of M&M’s, Mars Wrigley, has a goal to make the characters, females particularly, more “current” and “representativeof our consumer” – as Vincent said. The most noticebale and complimented thing are the shoes. What’s more, the log has been updated and now it’s set up straight. The new position is meant for ampersand emphasising, the previous update in design happened in 2019. Changes will appear on packagings and other marketing materials this year.Changes might seems small  but they are extremelly significant.

Better gender presentment

1941 was the first when M&M’s was sold, the mascots arrived in 1954. It all started with just Red and Yellow,for their classics – chocolate and peabut tastes. New characters were added in 1990s, and Brown joined the squad un 2012. The characters has been undergoing changes more or less frequently.

At this time there are two females and four males. It’s possible to add two more females to keep balance, but there would have been two more colors added to the mix. It was decided to give promotion to Green and Brown.

M&M’s implements changes to show its brand identity to the customers, who are drasticly drawn to brands they align with. What’s more, the company has now more focus on the characters as related to brand and have more freedom to talk about this idea. There are a lot of changes that took place, for instance, perfecting Quaker’s appearance. Some other brands, like Uncle Ben’s and Aunt Jemima, revised their logos, brand or mascots due to troublesome origins

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